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Dear Deserted Spouse

A letter written by a wife whose husband left her. Her struggle of how she won him back.

The Dance example and worksheet.


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Audio files from a few of Dr. Nealy Brown’s previous seminars and speaking engagements. You can listen online or download (the download arrow is just below the play button).

Marriage Conference – Part  1 – Simple Not Easy (20 min)  – This is part 1 of a marriage conference in Lincoln, IL. Dr. Nealy Brown discusses how relationships are simple, but not easy and how to increase the deposits and decrease the withdrawals no matter what season of marriage you may be in – spring, summer, fall or winter. You will also hear about the difference between men and women from Comedian Mark Gungor’s “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage.”

Marriage Conference – Part 2 – Four Personality Types (Lion and Otter) (34 min), Part 3 – Four Personality Types (Golden Retriever and Beaver) (40 min)- Dr. Nealy Brown and her husband Jeff humorously describe each personality type and how to connect, communicate, and motivate each type. (Here is a slide presentation I have used on the Four Personality Types – it outlines what is talked about in this seminar. Here is where you can take a quick personality assessment.)

Four Personality Types (shortened – 30 min)  – This is a lesson Dr. Nealy Brown gave at a University to teach students about  the four personality types – how to identify, communicate, and relate well to each one. It is applicable for all personal relationships and for those in the helping professions.   It can help you relate to your spouse, kids, and coworkers as well. (Here is a slide presentation I have used on the Four Personality Types – it outlines what is talked about in this seminar.)

Interview with Dr. Nealy Brown (24 min) – This interview with Dr. Nealy Brown took place while she was a professor at LCU. It covers some of her biography along with some perspectives she has on counseling.

Lessons from the Shopping Mall (36 min) – Dr. Nealy Brown speaks about dealing with people “as is”. She was invited to speak on Mother’s Day at Richwoods Christian Church in Peoria, IL where she delivered this message.

Committed to Family (25 min) – Dr. Nealy Brown speaks about family relationships, adultery, and how to love in difficult circumstances. She was invited to speak in this series to graduate students and faculty at LCU in their chapel.

Happy Are Those (20 min) – Dr. Nealy Brown shares some of her own struggles as she discusses the pursuit of happiness amidst the roller coaster of life. She was invited to speak in this series on the psalms of ancient Israeli writer at Lincoln Christian University.

Praying Confidently (30 min) – Dr. Nealy Brown speaks about the topic of prayer and helping those who are sick, in light of the writings of an ancient Jew named James. She was invited to speak in a series at LCU and addresses prayer and healing. Her speech closes with Dr. Robert Lowery.


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